Export Agriculture Dept. earns over Rs. 86bn in first half of 2023

As per the statistics of the Department of Export Agriculture, Sri Lanka’s agriculture exports earned a revenue of over Rs. 86 billion thus far in 2023, in comparison to the earnings recorded over the last five years.

Commenting on the matter, Development Director of the Department Upul Ranaweera explained that the revenue was earned mainly through the exportation of cinnamon, black pepper and cloves.
“Considering the last 5 years, the Department of Export Agriculture has managed to earn the highest foreign exchange from the export of crops in the year 2023. Accordingly, 34,771 metric tonnes have been exported up to June 2023, earning a revenue of Rs. 86,680 million.  Crops such as cinnamon, cloves and black pepper have contributed mainly, while a lot of foreign exchange was also earned through the export of date palm”, Ranaweera said in this regard.