Cabinet nod to establish National Productivity Commission

The Cabinet of Ministers has granted approval for the establishment of the National Productivity Commission.
The productivity in every sector of the economy should be developed in order to ensure the median and long–term sustainability of reformations as well as the escalation of acquisitions that are implemented with the objective of minimizing the impact due to the existing economic crisis for maximising the benefits acquired through the reformations to the highest level, the Department of Government Information (DGI) said.
However, since there is no responsible authority that reserves the legal eligibility to act formally in regard to productivity and related issues, the establishment of the National Productivity Commission has been recognized as an independent entity for recommending Government of policy regulations based on evidence and information that develop on researches as well as for directing attention on the issues related to productivity.
Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the resolution furnished by the President to appoint an intellectual committee for submission of a report to the Cabinet of Ministers by deciding the institutional structure of the proposed National Productivity Commission, formulation of laws required for the establishment of the said Commission and studying on the other particulars for the establishment of the said Commission