800,000 beneficiaries to receive “Aswesuma” benefits tomorrow

The welfare benefits board will disburse the “Aswesuma” welfare benefits money related to the month of July to the banks on Monday (Aug 28), the State Minister of Finance Shehan Semasinghe said.

Taking to Twitter to announce this, the State Minister mentioned that out of the 1.5 million beneficiaries who have been selected, the money will be disbursed for the 0.8 million beneficiaries whose information has been confirmed correctly.
After verifying the information promptly, payments will be made to the remaining beneficiaries, he added.

Furthermore, Semasinghe emphasized that at present, the survey related to appeals and objections has commenced and payments will be made to all the beneficiaries as soon as it is completed.

Meanwhile, the State Minister also expressed that if there are beneficiaries who have received benefits by giving false information, after verifying, the Welfare Benefits Board will take action to recover the money given and take legal action.

“The government will ensure that no eligible citizen is left behind”, Semasinghe mentioned.