Trade Minister calls for price reduction of bakery products

Minister of Trade Nalin Fernando has requested that the prices of all bakery products be reduced by Rs. 10.

Speaking at a media briefing held on Sunday (18 June), Fernando requested all relevant bakery owners to reduce the prices of all bakery products by Rs. 10.
Moreover, he also noted that if, in the future, local wheat flour companies intend to increase the prices of their products, it must first be approved by the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA).

Responding to the Minister, however, Chairman of the All Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association N. K. Jayawardena stated that such a reduction would not be possible, as the prices of other ingredients required for the manufacturing of bakery products have not reduced owing to the depreciation of the Sri Lankan Rupee.

Meanwhile, the National Organiser of the All-Island Canteen Owners’ Association Asela Sampath has called for a control price on both wheat flour and all related bakery products. Speaking in this regard, he assured the continued support of his union in the event such a control price is introduced.