No gas shortage despite rumors - Laugfs assures

Laugfs Gas PLC, one of Sri Lanka’s two largest suppliers of domestic Liquefied Petroleum (LP) gas, has assured that there is no gas shortage in the country, despite certain rumors.

Commenting on the matter, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Laugfs Gas Nalinda Kurukulasooriya assured that one month’s stock of LP gas is currently being secured at all terminals.
Meanwhile, speaking with regard to the possible reduction of LP gas prices, Kurukulasooriya noted that a price revision will be made when due, assuring that the benefit of the said revision will be given to consumers.

He stated, however, that the price revision will depend on the value of the Sri Lankan Rupee against the US Dollar, and the availability of LP gas.

Meanwhile, Litro Gas Lanka, on 26 June, announced that the prices of domestic LP gas cylinders will be reduced again following a price revision in the beginning of July, making this the fourth consecutive price reduction since of late.