Electricity tariff to be revised by 3% - PUCSL

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) says that the total reduction of the rates in the electricity tariff revision this time is 3%.

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has taken steps to revise the electricity tariff with effect from July, and the relevant tariff revisions have reportedly been announced under the approval of the PUCSL.
Accordingly, the rate charged per one unit of electricity for the first 30 units will be reduced by 26.9%, the PUCSL said.

Moreover, the tariff charged per unit for the units consumed between 31-60 will be reduced by 10.8%, while for 31-60 units, the charge is to be reduced by 7.2% and the tariff for 91-180 by 3.4%.

In addition, the rate charged per unit of electricity for the category of over 180 units will be reduced by 1.3%.

The PUCSL also mentioned that the electricity tariffs for religious places are to be reduced by 3.2%.

Meanwhile, no change will be taking place in the electricity tariff rates for the category of industries, public categories, street lights and government institutions.

However, the electricity tariff will also be reduced by 12.6% for the category of hotels, as per the PUCSL.