Sinopec issues clarification on fuel station project in Sri Lanka

Sinopec Fuel Oil Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. today refuted the “unfounded claims” suggesting that the company has hired agencies to manage certain aspects of their operations in carrying out the fuel station business in Sri Lanka.Issuing a clarification regarding its fuel station project in Sri Lanka, Sinopec categorically denied those claims, emphasizing that the company has not engaged any external agencies or third parties to handle any part of the fuel station operation or related business activities.
Furthermore, it clarifies that Sinopec Fuel Oil Lanka has no intentions whatsoever to transfer any right of the license of fuel station supply to any other entity.

In addition, the statement mentioned that Sinopec is “committed to upholding the integrity and reliability associated with the SINOPEC brand, and that they reserve the right to take further legal measurements to protect ‘Sinopec’ brand image.”