Fertilizer distribution will be handed over to private sector - Minister

Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera says that steps will be taken by the government to move away from the distribution of fertilizer during the ‘Maha Season’ and to provide financial allocations for farmers under a subsidy system.

The minister explained that the government will not be involved in fertilizer distribution activities and instead, the relevant activities will be handed over to the private sector.
This year, the government has spent Rs. 6.5 billion for the distribution of urea fertilizers and MOP fertilizer (Muriate of Potash or ‘Bandi Pohora’), while Rs. 02 billion was spent for the distribution of Triple superphosphate (TSP) fertilizer in the Yala cultivation season.

The agriculture minister highlights that the purpose of this program is to provide financial allocations as subsidies to facilitate the farmers to buy the things they require.