Distribution held up due to delayed sample reports on imported eggs

The State Trading Corporation (STC) says that a number of issues have emerged without the required certificates to clear the recently imported consignment of eggs from the port.

The clearance certificates were supposed to be issued by the Department of Animal Production & Health after testing the egg samples obtained on Saturday (April 22).
As a result, the imported eggs could not be duly distributed among the bakeries as planned, STC Chairman Asiri alleged.

The fifth stock of imported eggs from India reached the island on April 19. According to Walisundara, the samples have already been handed over to the Animal Production & Health Department.

Although the reports on the samples were expected to be received on Monday (April 24), the department has informed that the reports can only be released this Friday, Walisundara continued.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka has placed an order for another stock of nearly 5 million eggs from India.