Trade union leaders who obstructed fuel distribution sent on compulsory leave

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has issued a special announcement regarding the necessary steps to be taken to ensure normal fuel distribution and supply in the country.

Accordingly, it states that the management has decided to send on “compulsory leave” the trade union leaders who tried to obstruct the fuel distribution activities yesterday (28) and exerted pressure on the employees who were working on fuel distribution duties and attempted to obstruct those services as well as the workers who supported these union leaders.
It further stated that as of yesterday (28), the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) premises and the Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Limited (CPSTL) premises would be a restricted area to these individuals.

The notice, jointly issued by the CPC Chairman and CPSTL Chairman/Managing Director, also informs that all other employees should report to duty and proceed to continue the fuel distribution activities and other services.