First batch of imported eggs reaches Sri Lanka

The long-awaited first batch of imported eggs arrived in Sri Lanka early this morning (March 23), Sri Lanka State Trading (General) Corporation chairperson T.A.D. Ranjith says.

The shipment, which was initially scheduled to arrive in late February but was delayed several times due to certification matters, contains a total of 2 million eggs imported from India.
The eggs consignment will be released following the necessary tests planned to be conducted by the Health Ministry.

The Sri Lankan government decided to import eggs in a bid to control the soaring prices of eggs and to address the shortage in the local market.

The imported eggs will not be sold at stores for general consumption, as it is decided that these eggs be sold at Rs. 40 or less for food manufacturers.

Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera recently gave directives to the relevant officials to expeditiously prepare a series of guidelines on how imported eggs should be handled in the bakery industry.

It is recommended that gloves are used when handling imported eggs in the bakery industry and eggshells are safely discarded, ensuring that the remaining eggshells are not dumped on the environment under any circumstances.

Meanwhile, ahead of the arrival of the first batch, the special commodity levy imposed on imported eggs was also slashed from Rs. 50 to Rs. 1 for a period of three months, effective from February 21.