Chinese Jesters create drama in jaffna!

It is correct to say that foreign interference is often the main factor behind racism or other problems in Sri Lanka. Because since the past, different races lived in our country. But from time to time various problems arose in our country due to the invaders who came from different countries. 
There are many examples of that in history. The recent LTTE problem in our country is the best example of this.

Sri Lankan politicians were also involved in the LTTE problem. Although Dravidian politicians were born, even they created problems between the Sinhalese and Tamil communities in many cases.

As far as India is concerned, it is a well-known fact that the South Indian ethnic groups do not get recognition in North India. This is due to the severe caste and class divide in India. In North India, the low regard given to the Dravidian communities of South India led to division and ethnic classification in the country. This caste division and classification of people as well as language greatly influenced the marginalisation of the South Indian population in India. It is for this reason that the South Indian people created a culture of their own. 
They produced their own politicians, their own cinema, their own cast of actors.

As South Indian communities were not getting recognition in their own country, they started migrating to foreign countries in large numbers. That is why South Indian ethnic groups are seen more than North Indian ethnic groups in many countries like Canada, England, Australia etc.But because they cannot get power in countries like England and Australia, many South Indians are tempted to migrate to Sri Lanka, which has been targeted as the easiest country to migrate to and to get power for many people who do not have money.

That is why South Indian politicians have been trying hard to interfere in Sri Lankan politics since some time. They worked hard to fill the heads of Sri Lankan Dravidians with germs. They even talked in the Indian Parliament.

It is correct to say that even the 13th constitutional amendment was a result of these interferences. This had a great impact on the Dravidian people living in the North East and the plantation people.

Even in a cricket match, many Dravidian communities in Sri Lanka have supported Sri Lanka on very few occasions. They supported the Indian team on many occasions. It is not the fault of the Dravidian community in this country. The main reason for that is the Indian movies, Indian news, and Indian politics that they constantly see in the Dravidian media. This is how Indian politicians have set their mindset with their Indian political agendas.

In recent months even Dravidian politicians in the North and East have tried hard to further exacerbate this communalism. They are trying hard to create a Sinhala-Tamil conflict. It is to secure their voter base. Needless to say, this situation is a great threat to the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

If Sinhala and Tamil cooperation can be seen in Sri Lanka, it is probably only in the areas around Colombo. In the areas where these Dravidian politicians have more influence, they will never allow Sinhala-Tamil cooperation. That is the problematic situation that has existed in this country for so long.

At present, the problem has been further expanded by the influence of another third party. "Like the bull biting the man who fell from the tree" It seems at first glance that another one comes and tries to add straw to the burning fire.

Like never before, the Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka is visiting the North-East these days, holding discussions with political leaders, religious leaders and engaging in some other conspiracy.

It is a well-known fact that India and China are two opposing countries. If so, it is a matter of doubt whether China's next attempt is to suppress India's influence and build a Chinese imperialist influence among the people of the North East, or to bait Sri Lanka to start a war.

On the one hand, when the Indian influence is gone, it can be thought that the Sinhala-Tamil divide in this country will be minimised to some extent, but on the other hand, ginger and chillies can be taken.

At a time when even the international community has been informed that they are paying attention to this, we as Sri Lankans should pay more attention to this. Even in the official Twitter account of the Chinese Embassy, ​​there is a lot of information about these visits and meetings of the Chinese Ambassador, raising more problems. Especially this Twitter account was maintained in English in the early period and later on it started to be translated into Sinhala. Also, there was a wave of people who run Chinese YouTube channels speaking in Sinhala. But the special thing is that now the Chinese Embassy has started communicating in Dravidian language as well. There is no doubt that there are special facts for the circulation of Dravidian language on this Twitter account.

China may have thought that it would be easy to wash the heads of the Dravidian people in the north and east, who have filled their heads with South Indian traditional attitudes, at a time when the Sinhalese people are opposing China to some extent. China may have thought that the North East Dravidian people are the trump card that can make an impact in this country.

If not, why are they targeting a problematic place in this country?
Didn't they meet other politicians if they wanted to discuss the situation in Sri Lanka?

If there is a need to discuss the situation in the country, even though there are plenty of politicians and religious leaders, it is a dilemma why the discussions are held in an area where there is a divisive situation or in an area where the people are mentally displaced.

There is no evidence even in history that China has ever acted in favour of any country but their own. It is futile to believe that it will continue to be so. Therefore, as Sri Lankans, the people of all the Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities should be aware. Especially the Dravidian brothers and sisters in this country should be aware of this underhanded conspiracy.