Sri Lanka receives first batch of school uniform material donated by China

China has donated school uniform material, worth USD 4.24 million, to Sri Lankan students to meet their requirements in 2023. 
Accordingly, the first batch of the total donation containing 3 million fabric meters of school uniform material reached the Colombo Port today and is currently being unloaded.
The Chinese Embassy in Colombo said school uniform material donation would fully cover the requirement of Northern, Eastern, Uva and North Central provinces, and 70% of the requirement of the other provinces of the country.

In a previous tweet posted in late December 2022, the Chinese embassy mentioned that the first batch of school uniform donations would contain 2,374,427.5 meters of white shirt/ frock materials, 350,031.5 meters of white trouser materials, 150,003.5 meters of blue trouser materials and 138,134 meters of orange robe materials bringing the total donation into 3,012,596.5 meters of uniform material.