No change in fuel quota for candidates

It has been decided not to increase the fuel quota for candidates during the campaign period for the upcoming Local Government (LG) elections. 
There is no way to increase the fuel quota because the fuel supply is not enough, says Mr. Janaka Wakkambura, State Minister for Provincial Councils and Local Government.
He added that allowing candidates to have more fuel would result in a shortage of fuel for the public.

“If the fuel quota is increased, it will result in fuel queues reoccurring among the populace,” Wakkumbura explained.

He added that if candidates wished to use vehicles for their election campaigns, they would have to utilise the quota that had been allocated at present.

“There are more than 4,900 electoral zones which will result in over 30,000 candidates contesting the Local Government Polls. It is not practical to give more fuel to each candidate for election campaign purposes. They will have to manage with what they have,” he said.