LAUGFS slashes prices of domestic LP Gas

Laugfs Gas PLC, one of the country’s two largest suppliers of domestic Liquefied Petroleum (LP) gas, has announced a reduction in price of LP gas cylinders. 
Accordingly, a 12.5kg cylinder of LP Gas will now be sold at Rs. 5,080 within the Colombo district, while a 05kg cylinder will be sold at Rs. 2,032.
Meanwhile, consumers residing in other localities have been requested to contact the customer service hotline - 1345, in order to find out the price reduction of LAUGFS domestic LP Gas cylinders within their respective districts.

Litro Gas Lanka yesterday (05 Jan.) reduced the prices of domestic LP Gas cylinders as follows;
12.5kg cylinder – Rs. 4,409 (reduced by Rs. 201)
05kg cylinder – Rs. 1,170 (reduced by Rs. 80)
02.3kg cylinder – Rs. 822 9reduced by Rs. 38)