CEB in crisis; tariff increase on January 15th

The Ceylon Electricity Board announced that the electricity tariff will be increased with effect from the 15th of January, as per the decision reached by the Cabinet of Ministers. 
CEB General Manager Rohan Seneviratne told reporters that the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka will be apprised of the data on the tariff hike within a month.
As per the proposal that was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, the fixed rates for domestic electricity units will also be increased from the 15th of January.

For Units 0 to 30: Fixed Rate increased from Rs. 120/- to Rs. 400/-

For Units 31 to 60: Fixed Rate increased from Rs. 240/- to Rs. 550/-.

For Units 60 to 90: Fixed Rate increased to Rs. 650/-.

For Units 90 to 180: Fixed Rates increased to Rs. 1,500/-.

The Fixed Rate of Rs. 1,500/- for over 180 Units has been increased to Rs. 2,000/-.

The Ceylon Electricity Board says that if the tariffs are not increased, it would lead to a crisis.

Nalinda Illangakoon, the CEB Chairman told reporters on Thursday (12) that the CEB is facing a serious financial crisis to secure payments for coal shipments.

“The employees at the four distribution divisions of the CEB have been using their own money to pump diesel to the breakdown vehicles. Some divisions have not received funds for days, because we need to make payments for the coal shipments,” he said.