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The price of coconut has risen to Rs 300

The cost of a coconut has risen to 300 rupees.

At the moment, a small-sized coconut costs 100 rupees, a medium-sized coconut costs between 175 and 200 rupees, and a large-sized coconut costs 250 rupees. According to consumers who commented on this, some traders sell a large coconut for 300 rupees. 
As the price of coconuts rises, some traders are working to sell broken coconuts to customers who cannot afford to buy a nut.
According to market sources, the increase in the price of coconut is due to a lack of coconut in the market, and growers are selling their produce at a higher price as a result of the lack of coconut.

Farmers claim that the inability to apply fertiliser to the coconut cultivation on a regular basis has resulted in a decrease in productivity, and that the fruits of the coconut production this year were also small due to a lack of coconut fertiliser.

Meanwhile, when the price of coconuts rose above, the Consumer Service Authority implemented a control price based on the circumference of coconuts in 2020, which was then removed.