Price of short eats and ‘Kottu’ reduced - Canteen Owners’ Associatio

The All-Island Canteen Owners’ Association announced today (18) that the prices of short eats and ‘Kottu Roti’ will be reduced by Rs. 10 in line with the reduction in the price of wheat flour. 
Mr. Asela Sampath, President of the All-Island Canteen Owners’ Association, stated that the benefit of the decrease in the price of wheat flour will be extended to the public by slashing the prices of ‘Kottu Roti’, a vegetable roti, a roll, a Parata and an egg roti by Rs. 10 in restaurants.
“Because when the price of flour was Rs. 450, the Kottu Roti was sold at Rs. 700. Now when the price of wheat flour is Rs. 250, the prices must be reduced immediately. Then, with these decreasing prices, immediately make it mandatory to display the prices in these restaurants and bakeries. Because when there is no price display, we have to go to the hotel and pay the asking price,” he said. n