Egg prices on the rise after court suspends gazette on MRP

The market price at which eggs are being sold at has reportedly increased, following the suspension of the gazette extraordinary published by the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) stipulating a maximum retail price (MRP) on eggs.On 19 August, the CAA declared an MRP on eggs, stipulating that a white egg be sold for Rs. 43.00 and a brown egg for Rs. 45.00.
The Court of Appeal yesterday (15 Dec) ordered, however, that the relevant gazette extraordinary be suspended till 06 February 2023.

Chairman of the All Ceylon Egg Producers’ Association, R. M. Sarath Ratnayake noted that despite the rapid decrease in prices of animal feed, a surge in the prices of eggs is required in order to both, buy and maintain, more chickens, for increased production.

In response to the arbitrary pricing of the commodity, Secretary of the All Ceylon Egg Traders’ Association, Anurasiri Marasinghe suggested that consumers should refrain from purchasing eggs for a short period of time, as a retaliation.