SLPP says won two “significant” local corporative elections

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) in a statement says the party has claimed significant victories in two local corporative elections.

The SLPP said that the victories have been achieved in the elections of the Gampola and Panadura local corporatives. 
“It’s a significant victory for us, that shows that our support base is with us despite opposition claims” Senior SLPP MP said.

In the Panadura local corporative election, the group led by the SLPP has won 53 out of a total of 87 seats of the council.

The group led by the Opposition has obtained 34 seats in the Panadura local corporative.

Meanwhile, the group led by the SLPP has won 06 seats to represent the board of the Gampola local corporative.

The group led by the opposition has won just one seat.