Dilith reveals how Rajapaksa family destroyed President

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was destroyed by the Rajapaksa family, top Sri Lankan businessman Dilith Jayaweera alleges.

Speaking to Lahiru Mudalige of Hari TV, Dilith Jayaweera who ran the Presidential campaign of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that the President betrayed the nation due to his family.

“When the President was elected he promised that he will not involve the family to govern the country. He did not even expect that other Rajapaksas would come to the Cabinet, but that happened”

“From appointing PB Jaysundara to all his wrong decisions, I have expressed my concern to the President. I think the President became helpless in this system. He couldn’t even save himself from his own brothers,” Jayaweera said.

Stating that the biggest hassle faced by the President was seeing four people from the same family with the ‘satakaya’ sitting in the Cabinet, he added that the President was rendered helpless at this point.

Dilith Jayaweera also said that the Rajapaksa family campaigned for “No Gota” before the Presidential election, but could not stop it due to the public demand.

He further alleged that the Rajapaksa family’s involvement in various businesses had affected the President’s image.

Jayaweera also said that today, the President is hated by some for the action’s of some of his family members.

“Today the family wants Gota out more than the public,” he pointed out.

Responding to a question on certain allegations levelled against him, Jayaweera denied it, stating that social media groups supporting MPs Harin Fernando and Namal Rajapaksa were behind it.