Arjuna Mahendran changed his name, Interpol informs

Interpol has informed Sri Lanka that former Central Bank (CBSL) Governor Arjuna Mahendran, who is currently wanted over the Bond Scam, has changed his name.

Accordingly, Mahendran has changed his name to ‘Harjan Alexander’.

The Attorney General has informed this to the Special High Court, when the Bond Scam case was taken up before Justices Sampath Wijayakoon, Sampath Wijayaratne, and Champa Janaki Rajaratne this morning (16).

Representing the Attorney General, Deputy Solicitor General of the Government Parinda Ranasinghe told the court that the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) has reported that the first defendant of the case former CBSL Governor has legally changed his name to ‘Harjan Alexander’.

When the Attorney General had inquired the Singapore Attorney General if the extradition papers of Mahendran need to be amended accordingly, the AG Department of Singapore had informed that there is no need for such amendment.

Thereby, should there be any amendment needed with regard to the case, it will be informed to the court in the future, stated the Deputy Solicitor General.

Further, informing the court that the 10th defendant of the case, Ajahan Gardiya Punchihewa, currently resides in Singapore, Deputy Solicitor General Ranasinghe requested for a re-issuance of notice to appear before the court.

Accordingly, the High Court trial-at-bar reissued notices on Punchihewa.

The case was then postponed to the 17th of November.