Malini to replace Rohan at Film Corporation?

There is a plan to bring veteran actress Malini Fonseka to the board of directors of the National Film Corporation, internal sources say.

It is said that other board members are quite keen on this.
It is also reported that Rohan Weliwita who is currently working as the director of the NFC is to be replaced by Malini.

Popular silver screen personalities - Ravindra Randeniya, Damith Fonseka and Wasanthi Chathurani are currently working as directors of the NFC.

Industry experts say that the NFC board lacking producers, directors, film importers and film exhibitors, is a notable loss.

It is also alleged that the present board of directors appointed by President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is not impartial.

Experts also note that not a single board member is actively involved with the film industry and this too, is a grave loss.

It is also said that the members of the board of directors are not actively involved with the film industry.