'Unable to provide goods at price controls imposed'

General Secretary of the Essential Food Commodities Importers and Traders Association - Mr. Illamanathan says that many food products that have a maximum retail price slapped on them, cannot be sold at such prices.

Many essential items such as Dhal, Tinned fish and Big onions have a MRP imposed on them.
He says that their members are openly disregarding the price restrictions.

Those who are accusing traders of selling at a higher price should instead be commending the traders for maintaining a continuous supply of essential items without leaving room for a shortage, he adds.

He notes that the consumer is even prepared to purchase a kilo of Mysore dhal for over Rs. 150 and a kilo of Big onions for a price between Rs. 300 - 400.

He also emphasized that the consumer would be happier to purchase something no matter the price, rather than facing a shortage.

However, products would not be sold unreasonable prices, he further noted.