Canned fish and dhal control price removed

Cabinet has decided to remove the control price of dhal and canned fish .

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) issued a gazette notification in March stating that a kilogram of dhal should be sold at Rs. 65 and canned fish at Rs. 100.

However, the Cabinet has decided to sell dhal and canned fish through the Sathosa Co-operatives Stores at the control price.

Maximum retail price for rice

Meanwhile, the government has imposed a maximum retail price for rice.

Accordingly, a kilo of Samba rice should be sold at Rs. 90, a kilo of Nadu rice at Rs.90 and a kilo of white and red Kekulu at Rs.85.

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) says that a kilo of Kiri Samba should also be sold for Rs. 125.

These prices take effective from today (11 March).

The government has imposed a maximum retail price of rice to provide relief to the people who are suffering from the current situation.