EC & FB in an agreement to curb online lies

The Election Commission (EC) is taking measures to curb the exchange of fake information via social media during the upcoming election period.

According to an agreement reached between the Election Commission and Facebook during the recent past, mudslinging via the social media platform is to be halted while legal action is to be taken against any perpetrators, sources say.

Election Commissioner - Mahinda Deshapriya has also hinted that the commission is on high alert over the dissemination of fake information and anyone found guilty of such would be sued.

CID complaint & LoDMeanwhile, MP Wijayadasa Rajapakshe, P.C. has directed a Letter of Demand to one A. Ranagala for tarnishing his reputation. The LoD demands Rs. 100 million in return for damages caused to MP Rajapaksa, due to a detrimental statement posted online by Mr. Ranagala.

In his letter, Dr. Rajapakshe claims that Mr. Ranagala is a lawyer, says that the latter has violated the lawyers' code of conduct.

MP Wijedasa has also lodged a complaint with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for a probe on cyber crimes.