UNP decides to raise Dappula’s actions in parliament!

The UNP is reported to have taken a decision to present a proposal in parliament against Attorney General Dappula de Livera against his actions to prevent the forensic audit on the Central Bank Bond issue being released to MPs.

This proposal would be presented to parliament by a member of the UNP.

This audit report has been formulated on all bond auctions conducted by the Central Bank since 2010.

This audit has been carried out by the Sri Lanka Central Bank and an American company engaged in bond auction audits.
The cost incurred is over Rs. 500 million.

However, the AG had notified the Speaker to suspend the releasing of this report to MPs.

Therefore, the UNP has decided to present this objection against the actions of the AG, upholding the integrity of parliament.
However. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has said that a final decision regarding the forensic audit would be taken by the 21st.