UNP presidential candidate to be decided on tomorrow!

The finaldecision regarding the UNP presidential candidate would be decided upon afterthe meeting scheduled to be held over the weekend between the UNP Leader RanilWickremesinghe, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa andleaders of the other parties in the UNF, said Minister Ranjith Maddumabandara.

Themeeting is scheduled to be held tomorrow and the party leaders of the UNF arescheduled to attend. They will also discuss the presidential candidate from theUNF and the upcoming election campaign. ‌It isalso revealed that there is a plan already in place for the victory of the UNFat the presidential election.

Theminister said that this plan would be revealed after the decision regarding thepresidential candidate has been reached.  

TNA also invited 

Meanwhile,according to unofficial sources, the TNA has also been invited to attend thismeeting.

In theevent Premadasa is to win the election he needs to find solutions to resolvethe North and East issues, resettlement and removal of the high security zonesand the TNA has asked for a written pledge from him if he wants them to supporthim, these unconfirmed sources claimed.

However,during Premadasa’s recent meeting with the TNA he had assured them that hewould resolve the national issue. 

He hadalso discussed a national solution for an undivided country going beyond the 13thamendment.

As thePrime Minister’s plan to resolve the national issue is already enforced, theTNA had not requested for a written pledge from the PM.  

Social Media response to Sajith

Over thepast several weeks various responses were seen over social media regarding thislong drawn issue. Below are some of these responses.