Two officers responsible for Parliament slippery floors, slip to China

It is reported that 24 persons had slipped and fallen in parliament due to the slippery wax applied onto the tiles.

Some of the victims had been hurt badly and some of them are seeking Ayurveda treatment for their damaged spines.

The parliament facilities are discussed by a committee headed by the Speaker and food and housekeeping is carried out under the directives of the Food and House Keeping Director and the House Keeping Officer.

It is these two officers who had purchased 50 cans of this chemical sealer without proper testing of samples.

They had simply purchased 50 four litre cans of the sealant at a cost of Rs. 4,650 per can.

It is reported that measures are being taken to initiate disciplinary action against the two officers due to many hurting themselves by falling on this slippery floor.

However, the action is being delayed as the two officers are said to be on a tour to China at present.

Sir, step carefully!

Meanwhile, when Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa had entered parliament recently, Kumara Hettige had rushed to him and warned him to step carefully as the floors were slippery. “Sir, the floor is like it has soap on it and is highly slippery,” he had said, preventing Rajapaksa from falling victim to the parliamentary slippery floors, Lankadeepa Newspaper had reported in their lobby column.

Having seen this incident, Vasudeva Nanayakkara and several media personnel had joined the conversation and Vasudeva had said, “The government is afraid of where we set foot on. That is why the government is using these tricks.”