Sajith in operation to become PM prior to presidency?

Minister Sajith Premadasa is said to have engaged in an operation of gathering 62 MPs loyal to him currently.

This move is believed to be made to show the majority in parliament and to obtain the Premiership.

It is reported that Sajith is currently attempting to obtain the majority support based on a statement made by the President that any MP who can show majority support of his party could be appointed as the Prime Minister.

It is also reported that certain MPs within the Sajith faction are unaware of this situation.

In Sri Lanka it is considered an advantage in winning a presidency to hold power and this is the reason that Sajith has embarked on the drive to gain majority support of his party.

It is also reported that the head of a prominent media organisation is backing Premadasa.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that another group is attempting to mend the rift between President Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and bring the two together.

It is also reported that a meeting between the President and Prime Minister is on the cards after the President returns from his Cambodia tour.