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SL banks vulnerable to cyber attacks: FinCSIRT says

Sri Lankan banks and other financial institutions were vulnerable to possible cyber attacks following attacks in Bangladesh in May, Sri Lanka’s Cyber Security Team said today. Sri Lanka Financial Sector Computer Security Incident Response Team (FinCSIRT) said that cyber attacks took place in four Asian countries including Sri Lanka.
Speaking to the Daily Mirror FinCSIRT Information Security Manager Loshan Wickramasekara said the possible attack had been reported on foreign media claiming that a group of hackers specialized in attacking banks had hit again and this time they've breached four targets in Asia, respectively in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Kyrgyzstan. "We are very alert and vigilant over such possible attacks for our bank sector," he said. According to reports, Dutch Bangla Bank Limited in Bangladesh lost more than $3 million during several rounds of ATM cashout attacks that took place during the month of May. Bangladesh local media reported that two other local banks NCC Bank and Prime Bank -- also faced similar issues as Dutch Bangla Bank, but they managed to avert financial losses.