Muslim candidate for Presidential election!

Discussions are said to be under way to nominate a Muslim candidate from the group representing the MPs who resigned from their posts recently, it is reported.

The Leader of the Muslim Congress had told the Ravaya newspaper that the starting point was when all the Muslim MPs had taken the decision to resign in support of Rishad Bathiudeen faced pressure forcing him to resign.

However, as they were unable to join these talks, the two UNP-MPs had once again accepted their ministerial posts, it is reported.

Although it is evident that a Muslim presidential candidate would not be able to win the presidency, it will clearly show that there is a significant Muslim population.

Therefore, the discussions held among the Muslim MP group had also focussed on either withdrawing their candidate at the last minute and supporting a winning candidate or naming a second preference for another candidate and rendering the Muslim people’s support to that candidate eventually.