Malinga blames Sri Lanka Cricket

For what Sri Lanka Cricket has done to him, it’s hard to imagine that they would expect anything back from him, said renowned fast bowler Lasith Malinga.

He said this during an interview with a popular TV channel in Sri Lanka. When asked if he had plans to work as a coach or get involved in cricket administration, Malinga said,

“If I were to become a coach, then I must become a unique one. If SLC or the players want that from me, I am willing to do it for my country. But, considering what SLC has done to me, it’s hard to imagine them expecting something like that from me. I believe that I will have greater acceptance abroad than in Sri Lanka.”

Malinga further stated that he had not played for the coach nor the captain.

“I always played with the aim of winning the game. If I fail to take wickets, I don’t go around finding fault with the captain. When 100 is scored, I don’t claim it’s for the coach. I don’t have such a childish mentality. Some have done things for their own petty advantages, but that has not helped to improve cricket in the country. We are 9th on the ICC rankings. No matter who claims to have developed cricket, it is evident from where we stand. My humble appeal is not to appoint ignorant and incapable people who will work to please others, to sit in the selection committee.”