Courts intervene over removal of Muslims from Dankotuwa fair

A social debate has arisen over a formal request made by the Wennappuwa PS Chairman requesting to remove the Muslim businessmen from the Dankotuwa weekly fair.

The Wennappuwa PS Chairman - K.V. Susantha Perera had requested this from the Dankotuwa OIC on June 24.

Subsequent to the request, the Dankotuwa OIC had discussed the matter with higher police officials and they had later sought the assistance of courts.

Accordingly, Mr. Perera has been ordered to appear before Marawila courts on June 28, the police say.

Mr. Perera is a member of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP.)

Mr. Suraweera says that security concerns had arisen subsequent to the Easter Sunday bombings.

Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya, he had said that religious leaders and public of the area had strongly opposed the presence of Muslim businessmen at the fair.

Following the bombing, the Muslim businessmen had stayed away from the fair and were brought back with the intervention of the police. Police say that after receiving complaints that over the problematic situation faced by the Muslim businessmen, they had provided the necessary security measures.

The PS Chairman had further said that the problematic situation had occured due to the controversial statement of the Asgiri Chief prelate and response on social media. He says he had written to the police after receiving a formal request from the public to temporarily remove the Muslim masses from business activities at the Dankotuwa weekly fair.

"My decision is a temporary one. On July 10, all religious leaders, politicians and public would be called on for a discussion on this regard. Also, the matter would be taken up on the Pradeshiya Sabha. There, a more finite decision can be taken. All I did was to prevent a huge clash. I can produce the petitions I received before the media," he adds.