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Anyone who says terrorism has been eradicated is an idiot - Fonseka

The security situation of the country has not yet turned to normal according to UNP MP Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka.

Commenting to the media following an event held in Kelaniya, Fonseka stated that the Special Parliamentary Select Committee appointed to probe the Easter Attacks is a legal Select Committee.

He says that the Committee works according to an agenda and that it cannot be changed according to the whims of anyone.

He also emphasized that the President has no legal right to influence the activities of the parliament.

Everyone would be able to realize the truth once the inquiries of the Select Committee are concluded, said the former Army Commander.

Stating that the country lost many lives over the lack of proper security, Fonseka said that, neither the President nor any government party can escape bearing the responsibility on this matter.

The terrorist activities prevailing in the country cannot be eradicated within a short period of time and if someone says otherwise, he is an ‘idiot’, he further said.