Allegation against Thilanga’s brother who accuses Shafi

In the event President Maithripala Sirisena fails to appoint a commission to investigate the allegations against the Kurunegala Hospital’s Dr. Shafi, the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress will appoint an independent commission to conduct an investigation, said its President Jagath Sumathipala.

He said that reputed intellectuals in the country would be engaged in conducting the investigation.

Jagath Sumathipala said this addressing a media briefing held at the M.B. Ariyapala Hall at the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress Headquarters.

He noted that an independent commission needs to be appointed to conduct a proper investigation, adding that they are not happy with the current investigations.

He further said, “Such genocide was done by Hitler. This is an attempt to destroy a race and it is a dangerous thing. This incident should not be taken lightly and it should be investigated comprehensively. We have the right to know the truth.

An independent intellectuals commission is required to initially ascertain if any injustice has been done to these mothers. We have written to the Health Ministry Secretary asking for a list of all VOGs in the country in order to conduct a survey on this issue. However, we have still not received a response. Especially with the mediation of the doctors in Kurunegala, we expect to investigate this matter independently.”

Before Shafi, appoint a commission to look into the fate of the helpless workers – Frank

Meanwhile, responding to Jagath Sumathipala’s statement regarding Dr. Shafi, the Professional Journalists Association says that prior to investigating about the unborn children, a special commission should be appointed to investigate the fate of the children of the Lakbima workers who were kicked out by Thilanga Sumathipala last December.

The Secretary of the Association Frank de Soysa said this is utter hypocrisy on the part of Sumathipala.

He claims that the Sumathipala brothers had kicked out around 30 permanent employees attached to Lakbima without any compensation.

He also noted that the Sunday Lakbima newspaper was also likely to be closed down jeopardising the employment of around 80 employees who works there.