Presidential, General elections to be postponed?

The government senior politicians have inquired whether the Presidential election and the General election could be postponed due to the Easter Sunday attacks and the subsequent clashes in the country targeting the Muslim people which led to the implementing of emergency law, it is reported.

It is also said that attention has been focussed on appointing a caretaker government due to the emergency regulations.

Several SLFP seniors had proposed this move to the President.

However, when inquired, Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya noted that the elections cannot be postponed under the emergency regulations as indicated by the FR/512/1998 Supreme Court verdict.

He added that if either of the two elections are to be postponed, the Constitution needs to be amended by obtaining a 2/3rd majority in parliament.

The Elections Commissioner said that so far no one had discussed this matter with him.

Two options for Provincial Council elections

Meanwhile, the PAFFREL Organisation noted that there are two simple options if the Provincial Council election is to be held.

One is to publicise the delimitation report presented to parliament through a gazette notification or by having an amendment passed in parliament changing the implementation date of the mixed voting system to after 2020.

Thereafter the election can be held under the previous proportionate system, said the PAFFREL Executive Director Rohana Hettiarachchi.

All Provincial Councils in one go

According to Internal and Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardena, after the dissolving of the Uva Provincial Council, elections for all provincial councils could be held in one go.

It is also reported that a group of Election Commission officers had held a meeting with the Speaker regarding the holding of the Provincial Council elections.