General election prior to PC elections !

The UNP leadership has focussed his attention on holding the Provincial Council election prior to the Presidential election, a party senior told.

Accordingly, he said the UNP leadership is in discussions regarding the presenting of a proposal to parliament to dissolve parliament by the middle of this year.
After presenting an attractive budget for the year and having it passed, the government has planned to implement several mass development projects through Gam Peraliya, Enterprise Sri Lanka etc, within a few months.

President’s statement:

Meanwhile, addressing the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna 22nd Annual General Conference in Colombo yesterday (17), President Maithripala Sirisena said this year a new government would definitely be formed.

He said everyone should ask their conscience whether they would vote an extremist party to power or a party that understands the problems facing the country and loves the country.

He said it was a timely need for the country to have a government that is conducive to the country.

Therefore, he called on all forces to unite in creating a broad alliance in order to relieve the country from its debt burdens and creating economic prosperity in the country.