Both suspects caught with Cannabis are sons of politicians

The two suspects arrested in Thenmarachchi, Jaffna with 77kg of Kerala Cannabis are said to be sons of active politicians in the North.

The arrest was made on February 4th around 8.00 pm based on a tip-off received by the Police Narcotics Bureau.
The two suspects 25-year-old Thangarasa Nishan and 32- year-old Gunasekaran Raghu are sons of two Provincial Councillors of two parties in the North.

Both fathers of the suspects had been elected to the Point Pedro Provincial Council having won the election.

The two political fathers had used party leaders to exert great pressure on the police to have their sons released from police custody. However, not bowing to pressure, the police had taken measures to produce the two suspects before the Chavakachcheri Magistrate and implemented the law against the suspects.

Meanwhile, MP Vijayakala Maheswaran said that not just in the North but Northern and Eastern politicians are involved in drug operations throughout the country.

She said this during an address as the Chief Guest at the Adampan Maha Vidyalaya annual inter house sports meet.

She said, “As politicians vehicles are not checked by police it is easy to transport drugs and the North has become a drug hub. Due to the close proximity to India, large amounts of drugs are being brought to Jaffna from India.

No matter what measures are implemented by the President and the government, if the Northern and Eastern politicians are involved in this trade, these measures taken by the government will be useless. The only possible remedy is for school children and people to refrain of using drugs and getting addicted to it.”