PM calls for weekly reports on Fall Armyworm

The Minister of Agriculture P. Harrison has been informed to report to the Prime Minister weekly on controlling the Fall Armyworm, damages caused and compensating the plantations affected by the infestation.

The Agriculture Minister mentioned this during an event held at the National Agriculture Information & Communication Centre in Gannoruwa.
Addressing the event, he said, the Prime Minister has also given orders to the Finance Ministry to allocate funds without delay, for recompense of the farmers.

Accordingly, the Agriculture Minister instructed the relevant officers, who were present at the event, to expedite the process of compensating the farmers affected by the caterpillar plague.

Five chemicals that can curb the Fall Armyworm have been introduced to the market as of now, however, adopting natural methods to control the infestation would not pose any threat to the health of the public, Minister Harrison added.