Govt. silent on Wigneswaran’s racist statements - Karuna

Former Deputy Minister Vineyagamoorthi Muralitharan aka Karuna Amman says that the people in the North have great respect and devotion to the security forces.

He noted that during the recent floods it was the military that helped the people just as they did for those displaced and in any situation, it is the military that is at hand to assist the people.

Karuna said that it was the military that saved the country and the war heroes fought against the terrorists and not the Tamil people, adding that despite Wigneswaran’s criticism of the military, the Northern people know who their real protectors are.

The former Deputy Minister said that due to the great faith the Tamil people have in the military, they are against the removal of military camps. He added that while Wigneswaran continues to make racist statements the government maintains its silence, but if an ordinary person had made these statements they would be behind bars.