Cricket elections further delayed due to ministry negligence?

The election of Sri Lanka Cricket is likely to delayed, despite the Sports Ministry earlier scheduling it to be held on January 07, reports say.

The delay is said to be due to inefficiency of ministry officials,
reports add.

Nominations were called prior to December 17, but the minister has not appointed a committee to consider the objections regarding these nominations.

At a time when the ministers’ have been made powerless by court order, such a committee cannot be appointed. Moreover the board of officers list sent to member sports clubs calling for nominations is also said to be incomplete.

Last year, the Sports Ministry planned to hold the SLC election. However, as an election committee was not appointed, one party had filed a case in the Appeal Court which issued an interim order.

In addition, objections have also been raised over the election letters intended for members being sent to the wrong parties.

It was 'Sri Lanka Mirror' that initially exposed that the SLC election was to be

On the previous occaPreviously as well, it was Sri Lanka Mirror that broke the news that the cricket board election was being postponed.