Vasu denounces 'entertaining' foreign envoys in House

Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara yesterday criticized Speaker Karu Jayasuriya for what he called ‘entertaining’ foreign envoys in Parliament and inquired if the Speakers of these countries would have allowed the intrusion by our envoys in the affairs of their Parliaments and States.

In a letter to the Speaker, National Languages and Social
Integration Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara said he was shocked to note that the Speaker had entertained foreign Ambassadors at his Parliament office when it remain prorogued to discuss matters that concerned the President, Prime Minister and the State.

“Significant among those who were invited were the envoys of the US and the UK as well as those from other western countries. It is common knowledge that some of these countries actively engaged themselves in the Presidential Election held in 2015, in which you played a pivotal role to oust the then regime. Would the Speakers of these respective countries have entertained intrusions by our Ambassadors/High Commissioners in the affairs of their Parliaments and their States?,” he queried.

Recently, the minister pointed out that the US and the UK had been 'concerned' about alleged plots by other countries to meddle in their elections and political sphere. “In this context, I fail to comprehend your tolerance of the intrusive conduct of these envoys et al in the affairs of our State,” he said.

He said Speaker Jayasuriya was a part of the plot to oust the government in January 2015 and colluded to compel the President to appoint a Prime Minister, who had the backing of only 48 MPs, whilst there was a sitting Prime Minister who had the support of 155 members of the House.

“How is it then that you find it unacceptable when the President appoints a new Prime Minister, who led a movement that received mass support in the recent local Government Elections? In doing so, have you not usurped the powers of the President, as the Constitution mandates in the assessment of the level of confidence commanded by the appointed Prime Minister amongst the Members of Parliament?,” he inquired.