UNP will talk to all Opposition parties: Ranil

The UNP would talk to all Opposition parties and decide on a collective stance on holding elections though it was not the most important factor at the moment, UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe said yesterday.

Mr Wickremesinghe expressed this sentiment while speaking to
UNP Organizations at Temple Trees last afternoon.

“We will decide on a stance with regard to an election after discussing the issue with all political parties. I believe that the present Parliament could go on till August 20, 2020.

“However, it will not go on until such time as Presidential Election could be held before that. However, an election could be held only after installing a legal Government,” Mr Wickremesinghe said.

“The main issue the country is facing today is the Constitutional crisis. What we should consider is whether we are to go for a referendum to get people’s opinion on the Constitution,” he added.

He said that some were talking about an election as they think they could win at the election.

“The No Confidence Motion (NCM) on the Government has been duly approved and is included in the Hansard.

“We all saw what took place in Parliament on Friday. The Speaker had to come with Police protection to begin sessions legally. The Supreme Court had held that sessions are legal only when the Speaker is present in the chambers with the Mace as per the verdict was given in the case Samarakody vs Attorney General in 1950s.

“Those who did not have the majority in the House created havoc. They threw a Bible at one of our MPs. The MP who threw the Bible at Opposition MPs were a Catholic. They would have thrown the Dhamma Pada as well if a copy was available inside the Chambers,” he also said.

Mr Wickremesinghe warned that commotion could take place when the motion to stop the expenditure head of the new Constitution is debated in the House on November 29 2019.

“This procedure is being followed as per the Standing Orders as requested by the President,” he said.

Mr Wickremesinghe then stressed the need for carrying out awareness programmes in the national, district and constituency level.

He advised the organizers to work with other political parties in doing so.

He is also expected to meet Provincial Council members and members of Local Government members shortly. (Yohan Perera)

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