Optimistic of securing a majority for VoA: Vasu

The Government yesteray said it was optimistic that a majority of MPs would vote to pass the Vote on Account (VoA) as it was a matter of national interest.

Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara said if the VoA had any relevance to the MPs and the MPs were interested in the VoA, they would
vote for it irrespective of political differences.

“The VoA is not a political issue but a matter which affects the entire country. It is about the expenditures of the country. The MPs will vote for it based on the effect the VoA will have on them. If the VoA was defeated, the Government will lose as per the standard,” he said at a news briefing held at Prime Minister’s Office.

He said they will present the VoA to Parliament when the time was right after considering other facts such as the determination of the Supreme Court on Parliament dissolution.

Meanwhile, he said they hoped to pass a resolution in Parliament to expunge all Hansard reports which were published since November 14 since the Parliament had been dissolved by the President prior to that day.(Lahiru Pothmulla)