Clash between two students claims a life

A school prefect studying for his A/Ls in the Maths Stream who got into a fight with a Grade 9 student after the latter took umbrage at being disciplined by a senior, succumbed to his injuries yesterday while undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit of the Kalutara Nagoda Hospital for a head injury.

The incident occurred last Wednesday (21) at a leading school in
Dinagoda Beruwala, according to the police.

The deceased has been identified as Mohamed Thariq (17), while the suspect was a 15-year-old student of the same school, who was subsequently taken in for questioning following the death of the former.

The dispute between the two students had arisen because of the younger boy ignoring the bell rung by the school prefect to get everyone to be silent in class. This triggered an argument which ended with the prefect being pushed backwards by the grade 9 student causing him to fall and hit his head on the floor.

After going back to his own class, Thariq had told his teacher that he was not feeling well and was sent home after receiving some pain-killers as he had complained that his head was hurting.

Thariq had told his parents that he was not hungry and only wanted to sleep when he got home. However, the next day too the young man had complained of not being well and this worried his parents who got him admitted to the Beruwala hospital but was transferred to the Nagoda hospital as his condition had become worse. Because his condition was critical the authorities had rushed him to the Colombo National Hospital where he underwent a surgery before being transferred back to the Nagoda hospital on Friday (25). He breathed his last at this hospital two day later.

According to a hospital spokesman Thariq had suffered a brain injury after his head hit the floor during the tussle with the other student.

Kalutara Additional Magistrate Vajira Lakshman held a preliminary inquest into the death. Investigations into the case were continuing under the guidance of Kalutara SP Upul Nilmini Ariyadasa.(Indika Ramanayaka)