Allocating seats according to the gazette and Speaker's instructions: Sergeant-at-arms

The allocation of seats for the new Prime Minister and the Cabinet would take place on Monday (12), Sergeant-at-arms Narendra Fernando said.

He said all arrangements in this regard had been completed and acting on the gazette notification relating to the new appointments and obtaining instructions of the Speaker, the allocation of
seats would be done.

Narendra Fernando further said that he expects explicit instructions on the allocation of seats from the Speaker and on receiving such instructions within an hour the allocation of seats could be completed.

Meanwhile, the printing of invitations for the opening of the new sessions of Parliament had already been handed over to the government press. These facts were revealed by the Sergeant-at-arms, who is in charge of the security of the Parliamentary complex and the Council Chambers.

The Parliament prorogued by the President is due to be reconvened on the 14th. (Sujith Hewa Julige)