Vijayakala Maheswaran Arrested By Police Over Controversial Statement On Reviving LTTE

Former State Minister and UNP Parliamentarian Vijayakala Maheswaran has been arrested a short while ago over a controversial statement on reviving the LTTE.

She has been arrested by the Police Organized Crimes Division
when the Parliamentarian appeared before the unit to give a statement this morning.

The Parliamentarian is expected to be produced before a Magistrate soon.

The Attorney General previously gave the green light to the Police on filing legal action against the Parliamentarian as there was a criminal element in her statement.

Addressing a state event in Jaffna, Maheswaran said the LTTE should be resurrected to ensure the well-being of Tamils in the North.

She made this remark while the LTTE was still a banned terrorist organization in Sri Lanka.