Ministerial Advisor’s crude oil racket!

The investigation unit of the Kolonnawa oil refinery has been dismissed and the appointed Ministerial Advisor and a group closely affiliated to him, are allegedly obtaining large scale bribes.

The said group has been entrusted the investigations that were done
by the unit comprising CPC staff, it is reported.

The largest bribery racket is said to be operating through the owners of the private bowsers used for the transport of furnace oil by the corporation.

Some of these bowsers transporting furnace oil id said to be mixing low grade furnace oil not suitable for use. Earlier, these bowsers and their  drivers were caught and they were fined and their transport licenses were cancelled. However, currently when these bowsers are caught, this group obtains bribes from them ranging from Rs. 2.5 million to 08 million and releases these bowsers, it is said.

The most recent such incident is the release of the bowser bearing number WP LK – 3458 belonging to Milano Transport.

It is alleged that around Rs. 2.5 million was obtained for the release of this bowser.

A laboratory test had been conducted by the CPC and usually around Rs. 227,071 is charged as laboratory charges from the bowser owner. However, in this instance, the bowser had been released without charging this amount.

The Security Chief of the said institution has been interdicted over this incident. However, this security officer is currently said to be working for a close friend of the ministerial advisor, it is reported.