It is better to resign if it's everyone's wish: IGP

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Pujith Jayasundara said yesterday that it would be better for him to resign if it were the wish of everyone that he do so.

He said this in response to questions about his decision to resign
raised by journalists.

In reply the IGP said, “I think I have done enough. I have been working for the police department for 33 years. I have not taken even a pittance from anyone. It is known to those concerned. I earned only the goodwill of people and my self-respect. If I receive only brickbats despite my yeoman service then there is no use in me sticking on for much longer. What is left for me now is the love and care my mother and family have for me. Some callous individuals have posted digitally superimposed pictures of my mother on facebook. I can bear the criticism levelled against me. Yet, I cannot bear the fact that my mother is being humiliated in this manner,"

(The IGP became very emotional while uttering these words). He re-iterated that he was neither a thief nor a cheat. He wanted to know just what would be left of his dignity if he was branded a rogue in this manner.

"You will probably not believe me when I tell you I do not even own a house. I have to get one now on rent at least so that my family has a place to stay," he said.

Asked whether there was a request by the President for him to resign or not, he said, "There was no such request. But, I got the idea that both the President and the Prime Minister want me gone. If they do not have confidence in me it is of no use me staying on any longer.

Asked about remarks that he could not be removed without a motion being adopted by Parliament, he said ,"Some say I cannot be removed. There are others who say I can. There is no use debating these things. The matter will be put to rest once I resign," IGP Jayasundara said.

Asked when he would do so, he said, I am contemplating it at the moment."(Sujith Hewajulige)